"EnergySmart could be just the thing you need to supercharge your life. Many people are familiar with the legendary attributes of Ginseng."




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Triple Ginseng with Rosavin™, Green Tea, Royal Jelly, & Gotu Kola

   Did you know ...

...that EnergySmart contains "Triple Ginseng" - a potent mix of Panax, Siberian, and American Ginseng extract.
  • A powerful formula that will boost energy, promote stamina and keep your body functioning effectively under stress.
  • Discover vitality, physical endurance, and enhanced mental performance.
  • All of these benefits without the use of any harsh stimulants whatsoever.

Strengthen your immune system, accomplish more and feel great doing it with GetSmart Vitamins' EnergySmart™.

60 Caplets EnergySmart can easily retail for $29.95

Buy 1 (Wholesale plus 20%)
Buy 2 or more (Wholesale)
Buy 6 or more (Wholesale minus 10%)

$18.60 ea.
$15.50 ea.
$13.95 ea.





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