"LiverSmart is a unique vitamin supplement that detoxifies the liver and improves liver function. This will add years to your life and enhance optimal health."




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Milk Thistle & Artichoke Leaf Extract, Alpha-Lipoic Acid,
       Dandelion Root, PhosphatidylCholine, and Schizandra Berry

Did you know...
...that the Liver is the main detoxifying organ in the body?
  • LiverSmart contains extract of Milk thistle in combination with 5 other potent herbal extracts and antioxidants which provide an 'army' of toxin fighting nutrients.
  • Strengthen, nourish, cleanse and refortify your body's  most important filtering mechanism...your Liver.

Protect and cleanse yourself from the almost unavoidable effects of living in a toxic world with GetSmart Vitamins' LiverSmart

120 Caplets LiverSmart can easily retail for $29.95

Buy 1 (Wholesale plus 20%)
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$18.60 ea.
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$13.95 ea.





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