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   Guy Santeramo, President

People are Always Asking Me...

"Guy, how can you possibly offer me true wholesale prices and still give me the very highest quality?"

I love this question; and the answer will make total sense to you. I expect that it will also make you very happy you found GetSmart First of all, if it were not for the awesome power of the internet, none of this would be possible.

Lower Overhead and a Smaller Advertising Budget
Because we don't have the huge 'overhead' which plagues most other nutritional companies, we can afford to give you the best prices possible, and work at reduced margins. We have none of the associated costs of running expensive stores in high-rent malls, or downtown shopping areas.

We also don't have to layout huge amounts of money for advertising. Most other companies spend fortunes with the traditional methods of direct mail, catalogs, radio ads, and other media… just to attract YOU, the consumer. Lower costs to find our customers translate into lower prices for our customers. We save. You save.

All this adds up to tremendous savings for you.
Best of all, it also means we can give you the very highest quality products at prices that are truly affordable.

True Wholesale Pricing
Helps Us to Give You the Highest Quality Product
The fact that we price our products at wholesale is the very reason we are able to give you the highest quality products possible!

You see, we don't have to worry about making a product so good that people won't buy it because it's too expensive. If you take a look at our product prices, they are not cheap. However, you are getting top shelf quality without paying top shelf prices. We bypass the middleman and don’t charge you retail prices.

Exactly What Do We Mean By
True Wholesale Pricing? 
Here's a good way to look at it. If you had your own retail vitamin store, you'd be buying your products directly from the manufacturer, or distributor. You'd be paying true wholesale. Then, you'd mark up the prices on those products for retail to your customers.

Here at GetSmart, we give you that same kind of price structure. You buy directly from us, thereby eliminating the middleman... and you save big!

Don't Confuse 'Low-Priced, High-Quality Products' with 'Cheap' Products

I've got a friend who said something I'll never forget…  "Good things aren't cheap. Cheap things aren't good."  Please remember that when looking over our product descriptions. You'll notice that we did not sacrifice quality, or cut corners.

We are passionate about giving you products which will produce the health results you want. Otherwise, what's the point of taking supplements in the first place? You get the best! You also get results! In addition, you also happen to get a great price!

A Perfect Example:

Our SolutionSpecifics™ formula, ProsateSmart is an incredible product with 'not so cheap', high-quality ingredients (our natural source, lycopene, alone makes up for over 30% of our cost). ProstateSmart addresses a very serious concern for men. We needed to be sure that we were creating a product that would truly give the men who take it,  the results they were looking for.

Our true wholesale price
for this product is $18. That is not cheap. For another company to come out with a comparable product, with the same high-quality ingredients, and at the correct amounts,  they would need to retail it for around $35. Most companies won't to do that because they are afraid of losing a big percentage of their market because of the high retail price.

So instead, what they do is resort to some of the dirty tricks which we talk about in our
Free Report... "The 7 Sneakiest Secrets Nutrition Companies Hope You Never, Ever Find Out About."

You Can Even Buy BELOW Wholesale
When you buy SIX OR MORE, you get a really FANTASTIC price. How?  We make up for it in increased volumes. Our margins per bottle may be reduced, but our total profits are increased, due the volume of the order. It's that simple. We win. You win!

And There's ONE MORE REASON We Can Afford to be So Generous
We expect you to be SO HAPPY with us that you'll be a loyal customer for a long, long time. In other words, we don't have to spend a lot of advertising money to constantly replace customers who became dissatisfied. On top of that, we are pretty certain that you’ll also tell your friends about us. Stick with us, and you can always be confident that you're being treated right!

Here’s To Your Health,
Guy Santeramo  


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