The #1 Aging Bio-Marker Can Be Lowered Naturally


The #1 Aging Bio-Marker Can Be Lowered Naturally…

Every waking (and sleeping) minute, 50 million Americans who have high blood pressure subject themselves to increased risk of stroke,heart attack, atherosclerosis, kidney problems and mental declines.Unfortunately, many doctors continue to falsely prescribe to their patients a low-salt diet, and drugs — which they will be on for the rest of their lives.

High blood pressure is not just about salt (sodium), but an imbalance between sodium and other minerals, such as potassium — you might of heard of the sodium-potassium pump.

–A Banana Day Keeps The Doctor Away
Dr. Richard D. Moore, has studied the potassium-hypertension connection for many years, and is the leading expert on the subject.

In his book…
“The High Blood Pressure Solution:
Natural Prevention and Cure with the K Factor” …

Dr. Moore demonstrates how eating according to the “K Factor” (K is the chemical symbol for potassium), which is defined as a sodium-to- potassium ratio of 1 to 4, can naturally lower one’s blood pressure.

In other words… eating foods low in sodium and high in potassium can protect against hypertension, crippling strokes and premature death. Furthermore, this diet can also help prevent kidney disease and heart problems caused by hypertension.

In 1998, a Harvard Medical School study documented that those with the lowest consumption of potassium (2.4 grams per day) had a significantly increased risk of stroke when compared to those that had the highest consumption of potassium (4.3 grams). They also discovered that those with the hypertension were 2.8 times as likely to have a stroke as those with normal blood pressure.

The easiest way to bring your sodium-potassium ratio back into a healthy balance, is to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains,and legumes. By replacing processed foods, with these wonderful healthy (antioxidant-rich) foods, you can bring your blood pressure under control and improve your overall health.

Should you decide to take this very natural and effective approach, it is very important that you keep your doctor well informed of your decision. It’s quite possible, after a short period of time, your doctor may have to adjust your medication.

— another natural alternative to lower your blood pressure…

In an 8-week trial conducted in India, 59 men with hypertension were randomized to receive 120 mg/day CoQ10 or placebo. Both systolic and diastolic pressure decreased significantly in the CoQ10 group,by an average of 16 and 9 points respectively. What’s more… the researchers also measured glucose and insulin levels and found them to decline significantly as well. ~~Singh R, et al. J Human Hypertens 1999;13:203-8

CoQ10 is a powerful heart energizer. Insufficient amounts of CoQ10 can compromise your heart health. Every single cell in your body depends on this nutrient to optimize its functioning.

Those cells that have the greatest need for energy production, such as your heart, will dramatically benefit from additional amounts of CoQ10. Among many other benefits, it has been shown to actually increase the pumping strength of the heart muscle.

What is this ‘miracle’ nutrient? Well, it’s not a vitamin since it’s made by the body. It not a mineral or amino acid either. CoQ10 is so unique, it’s in a category of its own… a coenzyme!

CoQ10 has become one of the five top-selling drugs in Japan because of its proven record for treating people with cardiovascular disease. To raise your CoQ10 level, you could eat foods high in it, like sardines or beef liver. But you would have to eat an awful lot of them to have any real effect. That’s why supplements are the way to go.

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CoQ10 can only help you when it is absorbed by your body. That’s exactly why the CoQsol brand of CoQ10 is so valuable. Unlike capsules containing the powdered form, CoQsol is a softgel. This means that it is far more absorbable by your body. How much more? 300% more… That’s triple the effectiveness!