For many people, a healthy sex life can be a key part of a healthier lifestyle in general. Sex is a taboo subject for some, but the truth is that it’s a perfectly natural part of the lives of most people and is absolutely not a thing to be ashamed of.

 For sex to be at it’s most enjoyable for you (and therefore the biggest benefit) you need to ensure that you explore your sexuality and try new things. Lovehoney offers sex toys which can aid experimentation and we’ve linked to some Lovehoney discount vouchers below which can get you some good savings – more details later. So, anyway, what are the benefits of a healthy sex life?

Mental Health

Well, first things first, sex is a form of stress relief. When you experience an orgasm during sexual intercourse, you’re treated with a release of endorphins, which essentially make you feel relaxed and give you a release of physical pleasure. Doing this on a regular basis is obviously going to keep your stress levels low.

Of course, that release of endorphins can be achieved by a single person through masturbation (another valid form of stress relief) but there are certain health perks that will only really apply when a second party is involved. The close physical contact with another person, especially if they’re someone who you hold very intimate feelings for, will help to cut down your chances of depression.

Physical Health

A good sex life won’t only benefit your mental health, but your physical health too. Sexual intercourse uses up a lot of energy. Being such a physical experience, of course it’s going to have a physical impact on your body.

Basically, sex is good exercise. Doing it regularly will be good for your heart and a good way to lose weight. If you wanted to start living a more active life, sure, you could go to the gym more often and start walking to work, but you could also try having more regular sex!

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So it’s time to enhance your love life. Explore your sexuality to its full extent and enjoy the benefits to your health! Leave us a comment to let us know how your sex life impacts your health.