You might think is an obvious point to make – a healthier lifestyle improves your sex life because having sex in itself is exercise, and the fitter you are, the more you’ll want to do, yes? Well, it’s a little bit more complex than that. As well as improving your physique for the job in hand, a healthier lifestyle with increased levels of physical activity can also heighten your sex drive as well as your staying power…


  • Better Circulation Means More Desire


One of the many things exercise and sex have in common is that they both get the blood pumping, but there’s a bit more to the benefits of circulation on your sex drive. Improved blood flow as a result of increased exercise can also heighten the effect of lubrication as well as genital sensation.


  • Increased Adrenaline


If your exercise of choice has a daredevil slant – think rock climbing, snowboarding and other extreme sports for example – an increase in adrenaline from this type of physical activity can remind you of those feelings you had when you first dated your partner. So if you feel your lack of sex drive might be a result of the more relaxed effects of a long term relationship, perhaps a shot of adrenalin from a more daring sport is exactly what you need.


  • A Boost in Confidence


One of more obvious effects of a healthier lifestyle is weight loss, and therefore a potential increase in body confidence. Losing weight and having confidence in your body doesn’t have to go hand in hand, but the former has certainly proven to increase the latter for many. And with more body confidence could well come more confidence in the bedroom.


  • Psychological Benefits


Doing physical activity releases endorphins into the system and those endorphins can help relieve stress and anxiety, common causes of a low sex drive. For women, enjoying sex has been directly linked with mind set and incorporating exercise into your routine can help you fight the everyday stresses of modern life that can bring you down.


  • A Scope to Explore More Sensual Exercise


Exercise doesn’t have to mean going to the gym or going for a run. Physical activity can be whatever you want to be, so if you’re looking for a new challenge, why not consider more sensual past times such as burlesque or pole dancing? Not only do you get all the benefits of physical exercise, but they can help you try new things in the bedroom such as sex toys and new techniques.


  • A Decrease in Erectile Dysfunction


Studies have not only shown that men who gain weight are more susceptible to erectile dysfunction, but men who regularly do vigorous exercise in 20-30 minute sessions are half as likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction as more inactive men.