You Have Health Concerns… We Have Solution Specifics

Get Smart Vitamins Solution Specifics™ is the name we’ve given to our extraordinary family of comprehensive supplement formulations…. utilizing the highest quality vitamins, minerals and herbs – guaranteed to improve your health!


vitamins and mineralsScientific studies have proven that some supplement natural ingredients are better absorbed, retained and utilized by the body than others, such as Vitamin E and Beta Carotene. In many cases we use therapeutic amounts of each active ingredient to ensure you derive the full health benefit.

Our minerals are fully-reacted chelates (most of which hold patents), which are better utilized than inorganic salts. Our standardized herbal extracts are lab analyzed in order to verify the highest potency of one or more active ingredients.

We are so confident of each ingredient in our supplements, that we provide full disclosure on all labels. We have nothing to hide and everything to be proud of. Our formulas contain NO hydrogenated oils, digestible plastics, wax, preservatives, common allergens, artificial colors or flavors. People sensitive to wheat, starch, salt, sugar, dairy, soy, yeast or corn can use our formulas with full confidence.

Nutritional Supplement Products

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